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Conformance Tool for SNMP network - geocities.com

This site has postscript files which gives the description on the conformance tool for SNMP Network. Conformance tool detects a message sent from the SNMP manager to the agent and checks it for all the required fields in it. It warns the manager in case there is an error. [Freeware

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Java Search Engine - me.lv

Search engine written in Java supports XML, XSLT and EJB

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Monowai Developments - monowai.com

Provides application development and consultancy services to the financial industry

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Pi3Web - pi3web.sourceforge.net

Supports CGI, FCGI, ISAPI, PHP4, SSL. Free binary or source downloads, documentation, mailing list, FAQ, screenshots. [Windows, Linux

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Teknai Materials - teknai.com

Offers to design custom CDROMs and real time conferencing programs for schools. Sample level test and lesson available

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